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                                         Luxury knife collection by Jere
The word “Damascus: goes back to medieval western cultures and refers to an earlier style of craftsmanship that first emerged in India around 300 B.C. This craftsmanship was prolific at the time and was likely named for the region that made it famous. Damascus steel is composed of both hard and soft steel folded, re-welded, and hammered which results in a patterned metal resembling flowing water.

These unique hand-crafted collectible Damascus steel blades are composed of more than 250 layers of steel and have a Rockwell hardness of 56-60 H.R.C., giving them unmatched toughness along with flexibility and strength. Completed with intricate brass fittings and select handles of a horn, exotic woods, and shell, these knives make a perfect gift or addition to any knife collection. Each knife includes a custom gift box, leather sheath, and certificate of authenticity.


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