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Apart from the outfit, the other aspect which needs to be in place to complement the jewelry is hair pattern. Often overlooked by women, hair color and style need to be considered comprehensively when selecting the outfit, hats, and jewelry to enhance the overall personality and appearance. The co-existence of hair color and jewelry design in a complimenting manner is essential to make the overall ensemble look elegant and flattering.

The below-mentioned guide will help you make informed and selective jewelry shopping, which will accolade your hair color extensively:

  1. Black

Black is an easygoing color when it comes to hair, as most of the jewelry designs go well with black-haired women. Stay away from soft-toned jewelry, as black hair color may diminish the shine of such jewelry pieces. Choose bold & bright shades for a perfect match with your black hair color, inclusive of dark red, green, light blue, as well as deep pink.

  1. Blonde

The range of jewelry colors blonde-haired women enjoy is endless. There seems no dearth of options to complement the blonde hairstyle, as blonde is not too stately. But the most impressive selection will be blue-hued jewelry, as this shade provides an elusive contrast. Orange and green to are also elegant and striking color choices to go with blonde hair.

  1. Brunette

For brunette women, the best color option will be such which highlights the natural brown color undertone in an all-embracing manner. The most refined and elegant choices are striking purple, deep red and graceful blue to create a shining appearance.

  1. Red

Red-haired women have to be creatively choosy, as red shade creates an intense heated look, which must be complimented well by the jewelry color. For such women, going for the earth-toned and muted options is the perfect answer. Select neutral colors like yellow, deep blue and dark green.

Designer jewelry looks good on the face and enhances the appearance and facial-tone only when worn in matching shades with an outfit as well as hair. A bit of research and choosing the right color and shade goes a long way in creating a stunning and beautiful appearance.


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