Bracelets are one of the most charming fashion accessories, loved by many. And diamond bracelets are the rage in today’s times.

Choosing the best and most suitable designer jewelry is not an easy task, and a diamond bracelet is not an exception too, as there are myriad ranges of styles to choose from. But, by following certain measures and tips, you can choose the perfect diamond bracelet for yourself. Below appended tips will help you select the best one according to your taste, style, and outfit.

  1. Choosing the style

Different styles relate to different settings, like a classic tennis bracelet is perfect for everyday wear with any type of outfit. Apart from classic tennis, the designer tennis bracelets are specifically crafted in unique designs, suitable to be paired with special dresses. Another trendy bracelet, the delicate bracelets are available in princess cut to round cut diamonds, depicting round, star, oval or floral shape settings.

  1. Choosing the right diamond quality & color

After confirming which style you want, make sure to look for the diamond carat size of the bracelet, along with identifying any flaw. Another important aspect is to look for color, as colored diamonds are usually economical than white diamonds.

  1. Choosing the length

Depending on your wrist size, you should do complete research on the right length of the bracelet. You must remember that when choosing the right length of the bracelet, the lock or the clasp is not included. A perfect bracelet is usually the one which is an inch and a half more than the wrist’s dimension. Approximately half an inch of space between bracelet and wrist provides comfort in wear, and the bracelet should be properly locked around the wrist, without being prone to fall.

  1. Choosing the metal base

The metal base holds the diamonds in its place, and are therefore an important part of the bracelet, in terms of design too. Usually, diamond bracelets come in 4 distinct metal base styles: Channel, Prong, Bezel, and Half-Bezel. In the Channel base, diamonds are attached in a row. Prongs are metal bases, which are bent in shape to hold the diamonds. In Bezel bases, diamonds are fully surrounded by the metal, whilst in Half-Bezel, the diamonds are partly surrounded.

So, following these tips, you will be able to select the most apt and perfectly suitable piece when you shop through any online jewelry  website, according to your need, outfit and the occasion.

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