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Famous People Birthdays Celebrate in December.

People who celebrate birthdays in December sometimes complain that their special day gets overshadowed by the December holidays. Perhaps they’ll be cheered up by knowing which celebrity shares a birthday with them – especially if it happens to be someone they admire.
Here’s a handful that we admire, along with gift ideas that we think would suit them!

December 4th – Tyra Banks: Tanzanite is a modern December birthstone and we think its cool purple shade complements Tyra’s grey-green eyes. QG has several cool new tanzanite designs this season!

December 5th – Walt Disney: Celebrate with a “practically perfect in every way” Mary Poppins watch. The blue leather band goes well with December’s blue birthstones

December 13th – Taylor Swift: A fan-site noted that despite her album, Red, Taylor mentions the color blue more than any other in her lyrics (trust those Swifties to have actually counted!). We think she can definitely rock some sky-blue turquoise!

December 25th – Jimmy Buffet: Head to Margaritaville with a blue light guitar. It’s a little subtle but there is a genuine swiss blue topaz in this charming 14k gold charm!

December 28th – Dame Maggie Smith: Downton Abbey fans will note that Violet Crawley looks absolutely smashing in blue topaz! These 14k gold and diamond earrings are certainly suitable for the aristocracy.

It’s easy to find lists of celebrity birthdays online, pick a date to give a shout out to one of your favorites. It’s an easy excuse to showcase any one of your favorite December birthstone pieces, and it might just resonate with some of your customers. With so many shades of blue to celebrate December babies with, winter Blues can take on a whole new meaning!

Famous people birthdays celebrate in december.

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