How to Store Your Jewelry in a Creative and Efficient Manner

Your valuable jewelry needs to be placed and stored in a correct and definitive manner, so that you always have full convenience in finding them, as well as keeping their shine intact.

If your jewelry box is filled-up already, and you are looking for a new place to store the newer pieces you have collected through online jewelry purchase, then our creative tips are surely going to help you. Read below to find:


Women and girls often find it hard to locate the ‘other piece’ of an earring when searching through the chaos in a jewelry box. To make the process convenient, you can use a thick chain with marginally open holes, to hang your earrings. Hang this chain on the wall or over your mirror.

Jewelry Tree

Probably a newer trend, this creative and decorative way is fast catching up. Use a small tree branch, which has 4-5 arms. Place it over your dressing table in a vase or bottle and hang your earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.

Display cases

Create or buy a custom displace case or shadow box, and organize your jewelry in a fine and attractive manner. Hook the box on the wall, and hang your jewelry pieces in it, which will make the jewelry sorting a highly convenient affair.

Jewelry Bowls

Just like a custom shadow box, you can either create or buy a specifically built assorted bowl to place your jewelry collection. These bowls have openings for convenient hanging & placement of your earring and other jewelry pieces.

Snowman Trinket Box

Snowman Trinket Box

Book box

Want to go the traditional way to store your jewelry in a box? Why not innovate and have a specifically made book box, which will give you feel of the traditional box, with a newer charm. Take any old hardcover book, which you do not read anymore and hollow the middle part, then glue-pasting the remaining ends. Your jewelry box is ready to keep all your jewelry pieces. Enhance the book look by decorating the book outer with handcrafted cover.


This way you will never feel short of space and organization, for storing your earrings and other jewelry items in a creative and innovative manner.

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