10 Points to Remember to Buy Online Jewelry Safely and Cost-Effectively

In the increasingly competitive market, online jewelry vendors have made it a cost-effective process, as online purchase is cheaper because of lower overhead costs than retailers. But with convenience and comfort, there is an underlying danger too, so online jewelry customers must be fully informed and watchful when buying jewelry online.

Important tips to buy jewelry online:

  1. Search comprehensively

With all the time and the comfort, you need to invest your time for a careful and extensive research. You need to be completely sure about what quality grade you are looking for, and this will help you search only specific jewelry products.

  1. Determine legitimacy of the seller

Being duped is a serious danger, which fraudulent sites are known for. So, research in brief about the authenticity of the seller, before proceeding.

  1. Determine your specifics

Know beforehand what size jewelry will fit your requirement. This will help you look for availability of specific size jewelry.

  1. Purity

Gold in the purest form is of 24k, but you should know that this form is very malleable and therefore no gold jewelry is made in pure 24k, but are developed with certain percentage mixture of silver, nickel and copper. Therefore, you need to validate the exact purity of the jewelry and the price. Along with purity, you also need to look for standardized approval from the testing centre, which will be present as a mark on the product.

  1. Customized jewelry

People generally have a preference for certain customized designer jewelry. So, check with the online vendor if they are providing any jewelry customization service.

  1. Compare before purchasing

Not all vendors have the same selling price for a similar jewelry, so compare the jewelry product across different vendors to choose the lowest price, but also take in consideration all other important factors.

  1. Payment process

As jewelry is no cheap product, so you need to ensure that the site has a secured payment process. Secure transaction sites offer full protection of your banking and personal details.

  1. Return and exchange policy

As you are not checking the jewelry physically, therefore you need to ensure that the vendor provides return and exchange service, if the delivered product does not match your expectation.

  1. Warranty

Most reputable jewelry vendors provide warranty on their products, to ensure complete reliability.

  1. Shipping

Check what shipping charges the site is charging, although several vendors offer free shipping. Also, check how the shipping is to be done, and in what time period the product will be delivered to you.


Jewelry products are investment for lifetime, and therefore each and every step has to be taken with complete consideration and safety.

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