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Sterling Silver Believe Dreams Necklace

Sterling Silver Believe Dreams 18 Inch Necklace Approx. Weight 4.17 GM Chain Size 18 inches Chain Width 16 MM Charm Length Charm Width 16 MM
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Metal TypeSterling Silver
Warranty30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Approx. Weight4.17 GM
Chain Size (inches)18 inches
Chain Width16 mm
Charm Width16 MM

History: Success starts your md when you know you can do it. It is when we speak words of affirmation that speak blessg over any given situation, we obta our dreams. All of life's experiences etches us to who we are today. It is when we live a life with tegrity, humility and an open md to learn, we become successful. Success is not always defed by a dollar figure. It is defed by the wealth of who we have become side. Success comes when your heart is still full of gratitude no matter what may come your way. It comes when you get up aga without givg up and keep standg the side. Here is to those whose life is SUCCESSFUL!
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